Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Good Evening Foxettes !
Last week I was elated when a fellow blogger called Laura-Jayn revealed me as her giveaway winner !
The package arrived and she was so adorable for additionally including a generous handful of wham sweets and 2 extra OPI Avojuice hand/nail lotion which smell gorge !

I love each and every item, a big thankyou to Laura for sending them and being so generous !!

Have you entered my giveaway ?

FoxyU. X


Sunday, 26 February 2012


Hello Foxettes !
This is Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 620 Coral Queen.
The first thing you will probably notice is the packaging and ... wow ... how unique is this tube ? A mirrored purple outer with clear middle and silver interior, I have never seen before ! The colour name and number are attached to the base with the Rimmel crown detail imprinted onto the top of the cap. You can tell Rimmel have spent a lot of time designing this product packaging.
The lipstick inside is a pretty and wearable true coral, with no shimmer. It is a very creamy consistency which I like, giving enough moisture to the lips so it doesn't appear or feel drying.
The length of wear of this lipstick is good, pretty much average time in my opinion.
This product can be worn alone, although I do like to layer it underneath a clear or shimmery gloss for multiple types of lip style !
The colour is perfect now the sun is starting to appear more during the day and we are entering the springtime.

Each lipstick from the Moisture Renew line is £6.29.
You can buy this lipstick from your local Rimmel stockists, a couple to mention - Superdrug, Boots and ASOS.

Have you tried Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks ? Do you like coral coloured lips ?

FoxyU. X

Friday, 24 February 2012


Hey Foxettes !
WOW ! So I have reached 200 followers ... and I am so grateful to you all, it makes it all worth while !
For my 200 follower giveaway the theme will be all about the number 2 !

I am offering 2 winners FREE advertising space on my blog for 2 months !

I can either use a logo made by yourself or I can create one for you.

Advertising space can increase your blogs awareness, followers and page views.

Rules -
  1. You have to be a follower of my blog via GFC (please put your name so I can check)
  2. You have to leave a comment on this post with why you would like free advertising space
Simple as peas !

The giveaway will end on the 22nd March 2012.

I have already put on my blog the best place for the advertising to go so you can see for yourself where your lovely face/logo will be :)
The winner will be drawn at random via a random number generator.

Good Luck

FoxyU. X

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Hello Foxettes !
This is Lord & Berry's lipgloss in Star Mauve.
This lipgloss gives a nice non-sticky, sheer flush of colour to the lips. The packaging is pretty basic with the block capital company name printed on the front, with a doe-foot applicator.
The colour indicates a mauve (purple-y) tone, but in reality, it is pretty much a true pink.
Alone, the duration of wear isn't great, maybe an hour until it has fully disappeared, but it does have a very moisturising feel which reminds me of a tinted lip balm. You could also layer this over a lipstick which would counteract dryness well, and give a more intense pink.

I originally ordered this from ASOS, but after re-searching for this product it is no longer stocked, but they do stock a handful of other Lord & Berry products.
The Lord & Berry online store can be found here for the range of all their products.

Have you tried the brand Lord & Berry before ? What is your favourite lipgloss brand ?

FoxyU. X

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Good Evening Foxettes !
After searching around for the perfect colours to do a smokey blue and purple eye, I came across a stand in Superdrug with the Fashionista range. The range includes eyeshadows and blushes that can be put into a palette form, lip glosses and nail varnish etc, but as a sucker for eyeshadow I was completely drawn in !
Whilst swatching I decided upon 4 eyeshadow colours to go in my sleek, black, slightly reflective palette. 
These were (from left to right) - 

  • Blue Eyes - Shade 10
  • Deep Ocean - Shade 11
  • Amorous - Shade 33
  • Flamboyant - Shade 34
Each eyeshadow comes in individual packaging, but can easily be popped out and added to a palette by the magnets. This allows customers to either buy individual eyeshadows or create their own personal colour palette with integrated mirror.
As you can see from the swatches below, these eyeshadows are of high quality with impressive pigmentation. The colours are perfect to create smokey eyes and would be great for anyone wanting to experiment with eyeshadow.

I would highly recommend to go and swatch the Fashionista range, I was that impressed I can't wait to build another palette !
Each eyeshadow contains 2.5g and is £4.00.
Each palette can hold up to 4 eyeshadows or 4 blushes or mix'n'match, is £5.00 and comes in either black or red.
You can buy this product from Superdrug stores and online.

Have you tried the Fashionista range ? What are your favourite eyeshadows ?

FoxyU. X

Monday, 20 February 2012


Hey Foxettes !
This is Topshop Felt Pen Liner.
I am pretty much the worst liquid eyeliner applier ever ! So I figured I would give this a go as it seems the easier option ! ...and it sure is easier !! I now feel confident in liquid liner application with this easy to hold pen style applicator !
The tip is very fine but not sharp or scratchy and delivers a smooth line of jet black liquid liner to the eye. It is really easy to wing out eyeliner, do a thin line or even a thick line. The smooth tip allows precision application to the lash line without the brush tip blunting or freying.
The liner itself holds up all day and gives a very black line with one swipe. 
The packaging has a two-click lid which prevents the product from drying out as it can be pretty inevitable for this type of liner.

The eyeliner pen costs £6.50 and is available at any Topshop or online.

Have you tried Topshop liquid liner pen ? What do you like from the Topshop make-up range ?

FoxyU. X

Sunday, 19 February 2012


Hello Foxettes !
This is the Sleek Pout Paint in 161 Minx.
As soon as I saw this product I knew I had to try it ! I have unfortunately never tried the brand OCC, Lip Tars and as they are very popular, this seemed to be the next alternative !
The colour I chose is muted pink and is very wearable during any season. I read the details on the reverse before applying for the first time and was very warey for where it stated "FYI a little goes a long way" ! I applied the smallest drop and was amazed with the outcome.
I have shown on the picture below, the small dot on the swatch is blended out next to it to produce this highly pigmented cross between a lipstick and gloss.
I have found the best way for me to apply this product is with my fingers as I find it gives me the most opaque finish, but you could use a lip brush, which ever is your preference.
Each time I have worn this colour I have been complemented and love the finish. This is marketed as a lip stain and in my opinion it certainly holds up pretty well throughout the day without being too drying.

Each Pout Paint contains 8ml, costs £4.99 and comes in a variety of colours which can be mixed with each other to create your own unique shade. 
You can purchase this product from Superdrug, Boots and online.

Have you tried Sleek Pout Paints ? What is your favourite Sleek product ?

FoxyU. X

Friday, 17 February 2012


Good Afternoon Foxettes !
This is the Mint Julips lip scrub by Lush ! And oh my ... it smells and tastes sooo goood !! 
This was a winter purchase because when the weather gets colder, skin tends to dry out including our lips, and there is nothing worse than a flakey and dry pout girls !
This lip scrub is caster sugar based and the oils for the flavourings are all edible and great for adding a bit of moisture without being oily. The granules are the perfect size for daily lip scrubbing as they are not too harsh on delicate lip skin.
I like to cover a small finger and scrub in the morning and at night then afterward apply a lip balm. You can also use this before applying lipstick for a perfectly smooth base !
The best thing about this product is that it smells and tastes totally delicious, of minty chocolate, so it is a pleasure to use !

There are three flavours altogether, Mint Julips (Chocolate Mint), Sweet Lips (Milk Chocolate) and Bubblegum.
Each lip scrub is handmade, costs £4.95 and contains 25g of product. They are available at your local Lush store or online.

Have you tried Lush lip scrubs ? What is your favourite lip scrub ?

FoxyU. X

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Hey Foxettes !
This is Barry M lip paint in Peachy Pink New 147.

The colour is pretty much what it says in the name, a peachy pink with a slight nude colouring.
I am well aware that Barry M lip paints can alter in consistency between colours, but this one is not too drying, but not too creamy and opaque - so a great match for it to stay put !
This colour is perfect for bringing spring into your wardrobe, a season which is always very much about the pastel shades ! If I were to wear it out again I would team it with a nice clear gloss :)

Each Barry M lip paint costs £4.49 and is available from Superdrug, Boots, ASOS and online.

Have you tried Barry M lip paints ? What is your favourite spring lipstick ?

FoxyU. X

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Hello Foxettes !

I was tagged by a lovely blogger called Laura Jayn to do some questions so I thought this would be a good chance for my followers to get to know the girl behind FOXY UNIQUE !

1. What's your favourite song?
- At the moment, me and my friends like Flo Rida - Good Feeling :)

2. How often do you wear fake eyelashes?

- I wear fake eyelashes pretty much every time I go out for a party with my friends, and sometimes in the day for a special occasion

3. Pencil, Gel or Liquid Eyeliner?

- I actually like to use carbon matte black eyeshadow from MAC for my liner at the moment on a fine angled brush ! but a choice of the three would have to be gel liner !

4. What do you feel is your best feature?

- Everyone always compliments me on my eyebrows so I guess they are my best feature !

5. Whose wardrobe would you love to own?

- Michelle Keegan (Coronation Street) has fab style and Emma Watson has recently worn some amazing dresses at ceremonies !

6. Would you ever consider having plastic surgery?

- Maybe an acid peel when i'm old and grey :P

7. Whats the one piece of clothing you couldnt live without?

- Im a slouchy cardigan girl so probably those !

8. Whats you favourite drink? (alcoholic/non alcoholic)

- I like a good old bacardi and coke !!

9. What country would you love to go to on holiday?

- China, looks so interesting !

10. What's the next piece of makeup you plan on buying?

- Probably some of the Real Techniques Brushes

11. Whats your favourite ever smell?

- Alien by Thierry Mugler perfume ... ahhhh :)

I tag all my followers to do these questions as I love to hear from you all and would love to get to know you !! 

FoxyU. X

Monday, 13 February 2012


Good Afternoon Foxettes !
After all the hype I was delighted to receive this as a gift from a friend at Christmas.

First impressions were of the packaging, very sleek coral mirrored bottle with a simple white screw top.
When swatched it is a scary looking neon coral colour when blended gives a lovely flush to the cheeks (or lips) where placed. This product would be fabulous for all skin tones as a lighter hand will give a more sheer colour for paler skin whilst a more generous amount will build up the colour for darker skin tones. Being so creamy allows it to blend easily, I find it easier than the liquid consistency of Benetint. Whilst using this product, I find application with my fingers gives me the best results, but you could always ask the make up artists on the counter for the best advice ! If not, Benefit have included an instruction guide of how and where to use this product which is a great touch.
I think this product would be a great summer staple, in the warmer weather I tend to steer away from powder and go for creams and with this being a stain the results would last a lengthy time compared to a powder.
This product contains 12.5ml, costs £24.50 and is available from Debenhams, Boots and ASOS.

Have you tried Benefit Cha Cha Tint ? What is your favourite cheek product ?

FoxyU. X

Sunday, 12 February 2012


Hey Foxettes !
Well... this is a bit of a wild one today. A recent trend has seen very dark purple/red lips making a big staple, so when I saw this lipstick in Topshop I was very intrigued and thought to give it a go !
The Topshop makeup line has always impressed my with wide arrays of nail varnishes, creamy cream blushers and pigmented eyeshadows, but never trying a lipstick, I bought it !
The colour 'Ruthless' is very scary and reminds me of seeing goths with scary tattoos, piercings and chains, but really, this colour can be made very sleek and modern. 
This colour can be worn either sheer or full on which allows people that are a bit apprehensive to experiment and wear the lipstick without it being so dark and opaque.
The lipstick itself has a creamy formula, but is hard to fully opaque the lips - feeling a bit blotchey, which isn't my favourite thing. Maybe it's the colour that makes me so unsure, but I will have to wear this a couple more times for a full personal test out ! Maybe a lip liner may make it look more fashionable, a clean cut of the outer edge of the lips.
If I am still not sure, maybe it will come in for Halloween 2012 !!

You can purchase this lipstick from any Topshop store or online.
Lipsticks cost £8.00 and come in a variety of colours.

Have you tried dark purple lipsticks ? Which can you recommend ?

FoxyU. X

Friday, 10 February 2012


Good Evening Foxettes !
So I have details of an exciting offer for all of you ...
CheapSmells have a fabulous weekend offer for up to 57% off the RRP of the Macadamia Natural Oil range ending midnight 12.02.2012 !

Some of the products included are - 

  • 125ml Healing Oil Spray - RRP £23.50 to £9.99 (SAVING £13.51 - 57%)
  • 250ml Deep Repair Masque - RRP £23.95 to £11.55 (SAVING £12.40 - 52%)
  • 300ml Nourishing Leave in Cream - RRP £18.95 to £9.25 (SAVING £9.70 - 51%)
  • 300ml Rejuvenating Shampoo - RRP £15.45 to £7.95 (SAVING £7.50 - 49%)
  • 300ml Moisturising Rinse - RRP £17.95 to £9.99 (SAVING £7.96 - 44%)
  • 30ml Healing Oil Treatment - RRP £13.50 to £7.95 (SAVING £5.55 - 41%)

Will you be checking out this deal ? Have you tried the Macadamia Natural Oil range ?

FoxyU. X

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Hello Foxettes !
So, i'm sure you all know of Samantha and Nicola Chapman who are the make up artist sisters that run the Youtube channel 'pixiwoo'. Samantha has teamed up with the creators of Eco Tools, who are very popular in the beauty community, to announce a new line of quality inexpensive make up brushes called 'Real Techniques'. They consist of Taklon bristles, attached with a long multi-coloured ferrule on a self standing base.
Real Techniques were available in selected online stores in the UK and USA before being available in store in the USA. Poor us beauty lovers in the UK were so frustrated and desperate to get our hands on these without ordering online. 
On the girls blog, they announced that BOOTS stores in the UK were to be stocking them with the launch date of 15.02.2012 ! But I have heard they are already starting to be introduced to stock in store.
The inital stores that will stock the brushes are available via this link here.

They are also available on the boots website. Brushes available are - 

  • Stippling Brush (£11.99)
  • Starter Set (£21.99)
  • Core Collection (£21.99)
  • Powder Brush (£12.99)
  • Shading Brush (£7.99)
  • Angled Foundation Brush (£9.99)
  • Kabuki Brush (£11.99)
  • Blush Brush (£9.99)

Online stockists include - 

Have you tried Real Techniques brushes? Which are your favourite?

FoxyU. X

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Hey Foxettes !
Today is the day for glitter ...
Barry M Fine Glitter Dust as it happens, in shade 1 - a pure silver glitter !
This product is perfect for injecting that bit of glitz and glam into a look. It is very multi purpose, being used for example, on the eye lid - dabbed carefully over primer or eyeshadow OR used in nail art, for red carpet glam ! It consists of finely ground glitter which makes it less coarse when being used for beauty purposes (rather than glueing and sticking it to paper when at school) !
The packaging is small and very easy to store, I like that you can see the product through the glass base so you don't have to struggle to find the colour you want in your collection !
I picked up this product at my local Superdrug for £4.59, it can also be purchased at Boots or online.
The final note from me - BECAREFUL, this can go EVERYWHERE if your not careful ;)

Have you ever tried Barry M glitter dusts? What is your favourite Barry M product?

FoxyU. X

Monday, 6 February 2012


Good Evening Foxettes !
This is No7's Stay Perfect Lipstick in Tangerine Touch !
'Tangerine?!' I hear you say... well it is a pretty odd colour to go on your lips but this really isn't as tangerine as assumed ! The colour is a fabulous pink-red with a slightly orange tone !
I purchased this with my Boots UK No7 £5 off voucher which took the price from originally £10 to £5 !
The texture is light and creamy with a very smooth feeling on the lips. The packaging is very sleek and sturdy for putting into those overfilled handbags ;)
This colour is perfect for adding a wow factor to a simple outfit or for a girly summer look, and the staying power, in my opinion, is far longer than an average lipstick, isn't drying and does not bleed over the lip line.

You can purchase this lipstick from any Boots in the UK or Boots online at

Have you ever tried No7 Stay Perfect lipsticks? What do you normally spend your Boots vouchers on ?

FoxyU. X

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Hey Foxettes !
I now have TWITTER so you can contact and chat with me !
There is a tab at the top of my blog which is a direct link to my account, or you can type in this link ...

Hope to hear from you soon guys !

Do any of you have twitter? Follow me and I will be sure to follow back <3 

FoxyU. X

Saturday, 4 February 2012


Hello Foxettes !
The other day I was out on my weekly shopping spree and came across a poster in Debenhams for a FREE 7 day trial of the newly released TEINT IDOLE ULTRA 24H Lancome foundation !
Even as a beauty lover, I am yet to find my perfect foundation.
I approached the lady on the counter and she was more than happy to colour match me for the free sample.
I haven't tried this product out in depth as yet, mainly as the claims are pretty impressive - a 24 hour foundation ?! The formulation is lighter than I expected, especially claiming such long wear. Thick and cakey foundations are a no no for me !
The sample bottle is adorable, and the spatula is great for applying onto your face without getting product all over your hands ! If you were wondering, my shade is 035 ...

Have you ever tried Lancome foundation? Would you be interested in sampling this product?

FoxyU. X

Friday, 3 February 2012


Good Evening Foxettes !
This is the e.l.f Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal !
It contains 9.5g, costs £1.50 and is available from
The e.l.f website comes under quite a lot of criticism for online colour swatches being inaccurate, and i guess this is the same for this product. The name and swatch suggest a lilac tone but really, it is champagne with undertones of silver and is very wearable for any skin tone ! The e.l.f website offers many colours for this product which is great for suiting all customers needs. The packaging is small and convenient to pop into your make up bag, with the product itself having a pleasant smell of oranges.
Whilst using this product, I have found that it blends best when applied with fingers to highlight the cheekbones for that sunkissed sheen when caught by the light. As the main ingredient is water, it has a liquid consistency which means you only need to use a drop to get a desired effect - any more may make the face look greasy so BECAREFUL !
This product would be fabulous for people who have never used highlighter before and want to experiment with an inexpensive product.

Have you tried e.l.f Shimmering Facial Whips? What is your favourite highlighter?

FoxyU. X

Thursday, 2 February 2012


Hey Foxettes ! 
So I have a little secret for you today...
Beauty box company Carmine is offering new subscribers to purchase their January box at half price cost ! (£10+postage £2.75 down to £5+postage £2.75!)
This is too much of an amazing offer for me not to share with you all !

Contents of the box include:
  1. Eyeko Fat Eye Stick (FULL SIZE !) RRP 4g worth £10
  2. Westlab Himalayan Pink Bath Salt
  3. Balance Me Radiance Face Oil
  4. Korres Wild Rose-24 Hour Moisturiser
  5. Eldora False Eyelashes (FULL SIZE !) RRP from £2.50

So guys, how do you redeem this offer?

Visit Carmine Online at -
Sign up, and at checkout, the price will be reduced to £5 !

Hope you enjoy this deal ! 

Have you got January's Carmine box? What do you think of it ?

FoxyU. X

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Hello Foxettes !
This is MAC Flashmode Lustreglass. How gorgeous?

It is 4.8g, costs £13.00 and is available at either a MAC store/counter or online at -

The colour appears as a fuschia/magenta but when swatched, is sheer and very pretty !
Lustreglasses in general give gorgeous gloss and slight shimmer to the lips with a flush of colour. I like to layer this one over a pink lipstick for ultimate girly lip !

Do you own any lustreglasses? Have you got any recommendations for me to try?

FoxyU. X