Friday, 24 February 2012


Hey Foxettes !
WOW ! So I have reached 200 followers ... and I am so grateful to you all, it makes it all worth while !
For my 200 follower giveaway the theme will be all about the number 2 !

I am offering 2 winners FREE advertising space on my blog for 2 months !

I can either use a logo made by yourself or I can create one for you.

Advertising space can increase your blogs awareness, followers and page views.

Rules -
  1. You have to be a follower of my blog via GFC (please put your name so I can check)
  2. You have to leave a comment on this post with why you would like free advertising space
Simple as peas !

The giveaway will end on the 22nd March 2012.

I have already put on my blog the best place for the advertising to go so you can see for yourself where your lovely face/logo will be :)
The winner will be drawn at random via a random number generator.

Good Luck

FoxyU. X


  1. Hee!
    I'm love the advertising space, because I need me some followers haha. No I'm kidding.
    I've been blogging for two months now and I love inspiring people.
    Check out my blog to see what I mean:

  2. What a fab idea for a giveaway. I'd love to win this giveaway as after a month of blogging I really want more people to see it and if they enjoy to follow it. I love reading peoples comments on my posts and its means so much when they enjoy something I write.

    I already have a blog button on my blog:


    Danielle x

  3. This is a great idea for a giveaway! It's very original. I love it.
    I'd love to win an advertising space because I've just started out with this blog, so have a small amount of followers. I'd love more people to be aware of my blog so I feel like I am writing for and sharing my finds with others with the same interests.

    Stephanie x

  4. such a good idea for a giveaway, i would like the advertising space because i can't afford it! Spend too much money on make up! x

  5. I'd really love to win this giveaway because each time I get a new follower I feel really happy! Knowing that another person actually wants to know your opinions and what you have to say is a great feeling! I also think its a good way to find other people who are interested in the same thing! Great idea for a giveaway by the way!
    Izzy xx

  6. I'm only a quite recent follower to FoxyUnique but I actually can't get enough!
    I would like to win this giveaway to show your followers my style and outfit tips along with snippets from my life in fashion and my journey into the fashion education world starting in Sept 2012! :)

    Keep doing what youre doing! :)



  8. Hey :)
    good idea :)
    i would love to have this space because so many people see your blog every day and it would be great recognition for my blog :) as you can see, i dont have much followers and so sometimes i feel like im writing to the wall. a space on your blog would make my day :)

  9. Anonymous24.2.12

    Fantastic idea for a giveaway!! I'd love the space because I just recently started taking my blog as a priority and this would be a great way to expand my audience base :) Advertising space would be key for this.


  10. I would just love more people to see my blog.It is great for anyone who appreciates a bargain,there are no designer clothes or fancy camera's taking the pictures.Just charity shops and the great British high street,modeled by a normal girl! x

    Very generous giveaway :)


  11. Really good idea,count me in :D
    I'd like to win because I'd love for new people to come check out my Blog and follow if they liked it :)


  12. I would love to be considered for your adspace giveaway. Blogging is such a great way to connect with people over the world! I love how we all share our loves and inspire each other :)
    GFC - Emilie
    Email -
    Tweet - @hungrydelights


  13. Love this giveaway :) I would like to win some ad space on your blog because I don't have the patience or time to have a facebook account or twitter, but I would like to get my blog out there :)

    Lucy K

  14. I would love to win this giveaway and I think its a great idea. I just joined your blog, but I love your stuff! Im glad your giving back to your followers. I am just starting my own blog and I think I have some great ideas and would love for more people to get the chance to see it. My name is justinerawr and my blog is

    thanks a million!


  15. Firstly, congrats on all the followers!! Secondly, what a good idea for a giveaway! I'd love to win because it's always nice to reach new people and find more people who have the same addiction to beauty and fashion as me!! It makes me feel a bit better about how much money i spend on beauty products, knowing other people do it too haha :)
    GFC - AngieBeautyBelle
    Email -

  16. Hello, hope you are well. Great idea for a giveaway I like it a lot. I would really like to win because I'd like to do my own giveaway once I reach (if I reach) 100 blog followers so that my readers have the chance to get something back for continuing to support me in what I love most. Winning your giveaway would help me reach more auidence and hopefully get closer to creating my own giveaway xx

    GFC - Tia

  17. hey! aaaa! nice giveaway! i now thinking about my own giveaway:<3! Please check out my blog, and please follow me if you like it. you're one of my adorable stars!

    have a star day!

  18. I'm jealous of whoever wins this giveaway!


  19. Awww this is well sweet!

    Would love to win this as i think we have similar tastes and stuff both of each others followers would enjoy :)


  20. This is a really lovely giveaway, I'd like to win because you have a really great blog, and to be able to share my blog with your lovely followers would be amazing. I've got another giveaway in the works so it would be great to share with your followers my giveaway.


  21. GFC; redbobgirl.

    I would like to win because, my blog is just getting off the ground and i would like it to become more noticed. Thank you for this oppotunity!


  22. This is such a great giveaway, thank you!

    I would love to win this because I love helping people, whether it be finding the which foundation to buy or where to get free samples! I'd love to help some of your followers! Also, its nice to find new people who are obsessed with beauty too :)x


    Thanks once again!

  23. LOVE!!! Check my blog Foxy, hope ya like :)

  24. What a great giveaway idea! I would love to win the ad space because I am currently progressing in my career as a make up artist as well as a beauty blogger and would love to meet more like minded people who love beauty as much as I do! For me it is quality not quantity of followers and I love your blog so anyone who likes your blog would be extremely welcome to come and look at mine :)


    GFC - Hayley x

  25. heyy :)
    i would love to win this giveaway because;
    i like to think of my blog is more for entertaining my readers and making them smile and think its a little different and quirky (much like myself ha) and i love hearing from every single follower and i do get a little buzz every time i see somebody new has joined and i would be so greatful to get my blog out there a little more.

    anyway im sure everybody on here deserves the spot so goooodluck! :) YAY.
    GFC- victoria (..i think?)

  26. Such a great giveaway idea!
    i would love to win this giveaway because i love blooging its become a passion and i love inspiring my reader. Make up and beauty is my hobby and my readers so this is a great place to share your ideas and meet some great people! Everytime i get a new follower o get so happy i get a little buzz! I have only been blogging for just over a month but i am so pleased with the response i got I'm so happy!

    GFC - TheBeautifulDays


  27. I would love to win this because it would simply be awesome. I really get excited for new blog followers and finding new blogs. I love sharing my passion for clothing with people!

  28. Hey! I would love to win as I am really passionate about sharing my experiences with other people hoping it will help someone out or give them ideas. Whether that be they struggle with skincare or need inspiration for new products or make up looks, I hope I can make a difference. I love my readers and appreciate all the support they give me. The more people that read my blog the more people I can help in a way I guess. Plus I ADORE leopard print and so do you by the looks of things so we both ROCK :)

    GFC- MissTinksBeauty

  29. This is a brilliant giveaway!! Free for you, and helpful for us little bloggers!! I am a follower of your blog. :D
    I'd love to have an ad for my blog as I'm relatively new at it, and at some point in the future I'd like to open a small online boutique once I get some more coverage. I also think it's a great opportunity share my views with other people. <3

    GFC: Laura Paige

    x x x

  30. I'd LOVEEEE to win because when I reach 100 Followers going to do a Fab giveaway for MyFollowers :)


  31. Wow! what a fab giveaway!! I would love to enter this exciting giveaway as I would love my blog to reach more people! Also i have a Naked 2 palette giveaway for when i reach 50 followers so the sooner i reach my total the sooner someone can get their makeup mits on the giveaway! :) (including yourself! thanks for entering!)

    GFC: makeupbyrebecca


  32. Congratulations on the followers!!
    It's such a good giveaway! I would love to win just because I love my blog, I love writing it and people commenting so we can talk about things. To win this would mean maybe more people could find my blog and decide whether or not they like it!
    GFC - Thelipglosslily
    Twitter - @TheLipGlossLily

  33. I would love to win because my blog is still a baby and just getting started so being linked up will help me reach more people.


  34. I would really love to win this, as I have not long been blogging and am really enjoying it. I would love for more people to come by and take a look xx

  35. Anonymous10.3.12

    This is a fab giveaway and such a unique idea! I would love to win this as I have just started blogging a couple of months ago, and would really like more people to read my blog, thank you for this great opportunity! :-) xx

  36. Hey! Well done on getting over 200 followers! I would love to win this giveaway because I would like to widen my audience and so many lovely people read your blog!



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