Sunday, 12 February 2012


Hey Foxettes !
Well... this is a bit of a wild one today. A recent trend has seen very dark purple/red lips making a big staple, so when I saw this lipstick in Topshop I was very intrigued and thought to give it a go !
The Topshop makeup line has always impressed my with wide arrays of nail varnishes, creamy cream blushers and pigmented eyeshadows, but never trying a lipstick, I bought it !
The colour 'Ruthless' is very scary and reminds me of seeing goths with scary tattoos, piercings and chains, but really, this colour can be made very sleek and modern. 
This colour can be worn either sheer or full on which allows people that are a bit apprehensive to experiment and wear the lipstick without it being so dark and opaque.
The lipstick itself has a creamy formula, but is hard to fully opaque the lips - feeling a bit blotchey, which isn't my favourite thing. Maybe it's the colour that makes me so unsure, but I will have to wear this a couple more times for a full personal test out ! Maybe a lip liner may make it look more fashionable, a clean cut of the outer edge of the lips.
If I am still not sure, maybe it will come in for Halloween 2012 !!

You can purchase this lipstick from any Topshop store or online.
Lipsticks cost £8.00 and come in a variety of colours.

Have you tried dark purple lipsticks ? Which can you recommend ?

FoxyU. X


  1. Hey! I've tagged you in my '11 Questions Tag'

    I'd love to see your response to my questions :)

    Love Laura-Jayn


  2. Omgosh tht colour is so unusual
    It's so nice though
    Would of never of though to have dark purple lips

  3. Anonymous12.2.12

    Wow very bold!
    Check out my Body Shop - Chocomaina giveaway!

  4. Cool review. I personally love the Maybelline purple lipstick cause they are creamy and have gorgeous colors.

  5. Hey! Just discovered your blog. I've never tried dark purple as I don't think it would suit my colouring! Would love you to stop by my blog (if you enter my Giveaway you could win £150 to spend) & if you love please follow & I'll happily follow you back xoxo

  6. I love this colour, think I'd be too scared to try it though! xxx

  7. I nominated you for the Versatile blogger award! :) xoxo.

  8. Ooohh wow! Lovely colour, will definatly take a look when in Topshop

  9. It looks really good.. but i guess i'm not brave enough for a dark lipstick..

  10. i love this! i still need to purchase :)
    i've tried dark lipsticks before, i have a very dark 'berry' colour by calvin klein
    contrary to its name it isn't very berryish, it's like a dark brown, purple colour
    so nice though! i' only brave enough to wear it under red, so my red goes dark and velvetty



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