Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Hello Foxettes !

I was tagged by a lovely blogger called Laura Jayn to do some questions so I thought this would be a good chance for my followers to get to know the girl behind FOXY UNIQUE !

1. What's your favourite song?
- At the moment, me and my friends like Flo Rida - Good Feeling :)

2. How often do you wear fake eyelashes?

- I wear fake eyelashes pretty much every time I go out for a party with my friends, and sometimes in the day for a special occasion

3. Pencil, Gel or Liquid Eyeliner?

- I actually like to use carbon matte black eyeshadow from MAC for my liner at the moment on a fine angled brush ! but a choice of the three would have to be gel liner !

4. What do you feel is your best feature?

- Everyone always compliments me on my eyebrows so I guess they are my best feature !

5. Whose wardrobe would you love to own?

- Michelle Keegan (Coronation Street) has fab style and Emma Watson has recently worn some amazing dresses at ceremonies !

6. Would you ever consider having plastic surgery?

- Maybe an acid peel when i'm old and grey :P

7. Whats the one piece of clothing you couldnt live without?

- Im a slouchy cardigan girl so probably those !

8. Whats you favourite drink? (alcoholic/non alcoholic)

- I like a good old bacardi and coke !!

9. What country would you love to go to on holiday?

- China, looks so interesting !

10. What's the next piece of makeup you plan on buying?

- Probably some of the Real Techniques Brushes

11. Whats your favourite ever smell?

- Alien by Thierry Mugler perfume ... ahhhh :)

I tag all my followers to do these questions as I love to hear from you all and would love to get to know you !! 

FoxyU. X


  1. Great interview!
    I follow


  2. Nice to get to know you a bit better, what a good idea! X

  3. woop woop!!!

    i love finding out peopls favourite drink for some reason lol

    Loved reading this :)

  4. I LOVE alien!Its so nice:) id love to try the real techniques brushes too :)

  5. You have won The Versatile Blogger Award!! Congratulations!
    Click here for details: http://jessicabow.blogspot.com/2012/02/i-won-versatile-blogger-award-yay.html
    Love your blog ^_^ xxx

  6. Love these kinds of posts, nice to get to know the blogger, I might do this later xxx



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