Friday, 16 March 2012


Hello Foxettes !
This is Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Move !
The colour is a warm mauve with a purple undertone which I am currently loving for the transition from Winter to Spring !
The formula of these lipglosses is something I have never encountered before, they are extremely pigmented and stay on the lips for an impressive amout of time. When the lipgloss begins to wear off, it fades nicely so the colour is still apparent and the gloss holds !
The packaging is a squirty tube, which isnt my favourite although, I prefer to apply this product with a lip brush as it gives me the best results !
I highly recommend you try out one of these lipglosses, even at the Illamasqua counter as they are very different to the lipglosses on the current market, a charachteristic the Illamasqua brand does very well.
You get 7ml of product in each lipgloss, and a little goes a long way !

Each Intense Lipgloss costs £13.00 which is very comparable to similar high end alternatives.
You can purchase this product from ASOS or online.

Have you tried Illamasqua Intense lipglosses ? What are your favourite products from Illamasqua ?

FoxyU. X


  1. Wow, this colour looks stunning xx

  2. This colour is stunning I want one now!

  3. I havn't tried these lipglosses but would love to, this colour looks so nice!

  4. oh my! I need this! I just bought the same gloss in colour "Femme" a pinky red, its stunning! x

  5. It looks so nice!

  6. Gorgeous colour xx

    I've Tagged You in My Blog Post Get To Know Me Hope You Join in :) xx

  7. thats a really pretty shade x


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